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Total Bundle Package with App
Strengthen your core and total body with the Foundational, Hip Flexor and Belly Blast programs.
Let me guide you day by day for 8 weeks with a special membership site AND access anywhere with a special App on your phone!
This is FOR you if you have ....
  • Diastasis Recti - (the separation between your abdominals)
  • Bloating
  • Posture Concerns
  • Back Pain
One off Payment of $112USD
What do you get with the programs?
A SPECIAL 8 Week membership site
This site takes you through all the programs over an 8 week time frame DAY-BY-DAY! I tell you exactly what to watch, what tests to do and which parts of the program to do.
NO confusion on what to be doing each day - get STARTED easily and quickly.

Diastasis Recti Core Workouts
3 core workouts (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced) specifically designed to help you regain a functional core - all ONLY 10 mins long

A Total Body Guide to Regaining a Functional Core
Learn how your breathing, alignment and everyday activites can help you or stop you from regaining a functional core.
Step-by-Step Alignment and Breathing Tests 
These are my exact processes that I go through with my private one-on-one clients to design them the correct program for their diastasis recti.

Hip Flexor Program
Create a Hip Flexor Release Program that is customized to you - thats right this isn't a ONE SIZE fits all program! You will create a program that is based on YOUR posture and YOUR muscle strengths and weaknesses

Weight Lifting Program 
Diastasis safe weight lifting program, designed to help you with your posture, with videos for every move to ensure correct technique

Cardio HIIT Workouts
Three 10 min HIIT workouts which are Diastasis safe, workalong videos and videos for each move to show different progressions for your fitness and diastasis stage of recovery

A 3 Week Detailed Meal Plan
Both a vegan and non-vegan de-bloating meal plan (with recipes) to follow to ensure success. Adjustments for nursing. Plus a guide to use if you decide not to follow the meal plan so you can still see the results

Ongoing access to the program
So you can continue for as long as you need/want
An App for your phone!
Access the programs from your phone easily and conveniently with an app* 
* NOTE not all programs have been adjusted to the app yet, but all core programs are there and the rest will be added soon. 
Start today for just a $112 one time payment.. 
For results your can feel and see ... 
These programs help you to strengthen not just your core but your whole body, lose weight and feel confident again 
Loved by Customers ... 
Start today for just a $112 one time payment.. 
Regaining a functional core … Without The Overwhelm!
In todays culture, with the technology, all the sitting we do and the slouching we are continually weakening some muscles and over-compensating with others. 

With life’s demands, it can feel impossible to find time to correct all these issues whilst still finding time for yourself and your family. 

You might also be feeling overwhelmed knowing where to start …

You’re not alone. 

With a never-ending newsfeed of advertisements and promotions all seemingly to say different things how are you supposed to know what is correct and what isn't?

Unfortunately, that is because what works for one person may not work for the next, BECAUSE everyones diastasis is different, everyones muscle imblances and alignment is different ...

Fortunately, you can finally start to understand what will work for you by understanding your own body and your own alignment and muscle imbalances.

Not only can you start to get real results…

You can feel comfortable about progressing to other exercise programs AND going about your daily activities …

Become painfree… 

Know your core is firing correctly.

This sounds pretty great doesn’t it? 

But at this point you may be asking…where do I even start? 

The good news is that it’s actually easier than you think to get started, especially when you follow my proven program...

That’s Why I Created Diastasis Recti Foundational Program
Katie Bowman sums it up so nicely, I think I’ll just quote her.

One of the reasons people have a difficult time correcting their own ailments is because they are not changing what they did that caused it in the first place ...

And I don’t mean what they were doing the moment before the ailment happened.

Fixing DR is the same as anything else.

It is not a situation caused by pregnancy, or a giant baby.

It is caused by carrying high pressure in the abdomen.

Trying to do exercises to fix a pressure-induced issue while continuing to hold your body in a way that continues to create high pressure will never work.

If a pressure-based ailment has developed in your body, then your entire body needs to be aligned so the pressure goes back to the correct homeostatic values.

We have become a

     - Spot-treatment kind of culture.
     - An “I’ll give my health at least 60 minutes-a-day” kind of population.
    -( An “I’ll spend more money on my clothes than I on what’s under them” kind of population.

But if you are really interested in fixing your DR for good, you need to learn what caused it and what you are doing, right now, that is keeping the split in place.

In the Foundational Program we do just that, find your underlying issues and work on fixing those!

Your Questions Answered...
After I purchase the program, how will it be delivered to me?
After purchase you will be taken to a thank you page, on there will be your link to create your login to the membership site where the program is located. NOTE the day by day program site is a DIFFERENT site than the original programs (including the free beginners program) is on - so be sure you update your link that is bookmarked.
If you don't get the email, please check your spam/junk/promotions folder in case it was directed there.
 How do I get access to the App? 
You will download the app from the app store (apple) or google play store (android). Please note I need to manually add your access to the programs so it may take 24-48 hours for the programs to unlock.
Also NOTE only the workalong programs are in the app, so you will need to use the app AND the program site
Do I need access to the internet?
YES. The program and all the videos are accessed via a membership site on the internet. You can download the programs and written instructions, but you will need to view the videos on the internet.
Do I need to have completed the FREE beginners program first?
NO! On the program site you will have access to the beginners and intermediate programs as well so you can choose which core workout you are ready for. I have included a start plan to help you work out what workouts and progressions you are able to do at your current stage of recovery.
Are there modifications?
YES! This program has been designed for all fitness levels and stages of diastasis recovery. You will need to watch the instructional videos for each cardio and weight move to see all the modifications and know which version you are ready for.
Will this help my diastasis even if it has been a long time since I had my child/children?
Absolutely! Building core strength, improving posture and reducing bloating is appropriate for any stage post pregnancy.
What if I don't like some of the meals?
There are plenty of options, so you can switch meals around if you need to. Also in the private Facebook group I can help you out with any substitutions that you might need to make. But I do recommend trying each of the meals, they have all been taste tested and approved by my 3 kids and husband
I am vegan, can I still follow the meal plan?
There is also a 3 week vegan meal plan in the program - so I have you covered!
What equipment do I need?
You will need, long bands with handles that can be attached to a door, a foam roller, a yoga block or rolled up towel, hand weights (later on) and there are a few other optional pieces of equipment - but there is a FULL list in the welcome area of the program site.
 I don't have diastasis, but would like to lose weight, reduce bloating and fix my alignment, will this program still benefit me?
YES! Many people do not activate their cores correctly when doing abdominal exercises causing bulging and pressure on their abdominal wall, and most people would benefit from improved posture, so most definitely this would help anyone - in fact my husband followed this with me and had fantastic results
 Can I do this while pregnant?
If you were exercising prior to getting pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy with no restrictions this program would be safe (though some modifications are needed in the third tri). However, post delivery you should wait to return to it till you have been cleared at your 6 week check up.
 What if I lose my details to access the program site? 
Simply email me at support@katrinaoakley.com and I will resend you your information as soon as I can
Start today for just a $112 one time payment.. 
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